Monday, April 13, 2015

Tacksploitation and others giving GA/Gi a Go!

City Paper described Tracksploitation as taking DJ-ing to a whole "new dimension". The pair of former art students go by the names of ASAP and JCT 45, monikers what certainly let you know (Jordan Taylor and Joe Kennedy)are going to do something extraordinary. The pair come on like Star Wars, with an innovatic music mix that sounds like it was conjured up on some galaxy far, far away. That, along with their off-beat costumes, makes them hyper entertaining. They tell GA/GI their mission is to save the planet from "bad music," which they feel has permeated global society. Give into their post-apocalyptic sway at the Pittsburgh Glass Center on GA/GI eve. They and other mad, wild and wonderful music will be heard and felt at GA/GI. Here, a sample from Tracksploitation's official sound cloud.

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