Friday, April 10, 2015

CUSP GIves GA/Gi the Right Climate

Photo by L. Scherloum
A team known as the Climate & Urban Systems Partnership (CUSP) is looking forward to being part of this year's festival. And they have all the right GA/GI stuff! CUSP is a research project funded by the National Science Foundation which is investigating methods of educating the public about climate change in urban systems in four cities. So other than Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia, Pittsburgh is once again a city of interest to the country as this project works to organize the development of educational approaches.

"With an informal network of science institutions, green and sustainable practice organizations, and groups focused on community and outdoor recreation, we have created a climate 'playground' where people use interactive games and activities to build strategies for reducing or adapting to the impacts of climate change," said Lindsey Scherloum, one of the team members.
CUSP Working at Play

A science buff, she is also an artist and with art associate Katy Dement, will create an environment and display that will invite GA/GI visitors to come into the climate playground and join CUSP volunteers to both learn and play. More info in our Events Schedule.

Collaborators for the CUSP project include The Carnegie Museum of Natural History, The Franklin Instistue, and National Geographic.    
Paper Art by Katy Dement

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