Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Reinvention of GA/GI Fashion

Janine Bonilla, GA/GI 2015 Fashion Editor
Says, Janine Bonilla, the Geek Arts/Green Innovators Festival Fashion Editor, "We are always changing, always trying to be better, always looking for ways to improve and reinvent ourselves." That's why she chose Reinvention as the theme for the 6th Annual GAGI Fashion Show, which will focus on beautiful imperfections and turning them into unique, gorgeous works of wearable art.  The featured designers and clothing lines all embody the idea of “reinvention” by using recycled materials or reinventing new garments out of vintage finds.Other lines speak to spring and natural fabrics.

The show’s theme is also a tip-of-the-hat to the downstairs exhibition in Pittsburgh Glass Center titled “ABC@PGC” by Seattle artists Jen Elek and Jeremy Bert, a colorful exhibition featuring glass sculptures combined with an interactive component. Janine worked under GA/GI's dynamic founding Fashion Director, Kristen Barker last year, and has come back to fly solo and give the fashion segment another successful revue.

The Reinvention Fashion Show begins at 8 pm on Friday, May l, in the Pittsburgh Glass Center's Hot Shop on the second floor. More on our GA/GI fashion team soon!
Janine comes via her group, "The Pittsburgh Look." which has its own blog and promotes the unique cultural aspects of the city and our fashion forward people. More info here.

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