Thursday, April 23, 2015

Assemble Challegnes Youth through STEAM and Other Opps

During GA/GI Friday May 1 from 6-10 pm, Assemble (5125 Penn) will host a first time exhibition by a local high school student who, for artistic purposes prefers to be called Alaric X. The show produced by X focuses on the ever changing and almost never changing race relations in America. The exhibition title with three K's is no misspelling and speaks to the complex feelings of many black youth in America, who love their country, but abhor the seemingly relentless attacks on them by racists, a condition that persists to this day in spite of obvious advances that include the two-time inauguration of an African American president. How two divergent Americas co-exist, is a paradox and yet the reality of what it means to be a citizen in our free-minded (mostly) tolerant society.

Alaric X uses, photography, clothing, paintings, prints and an interactive installation, to make his case. The exhibition is up through the Month of May.

A tech tic by David Edwards
Assemble, who regularly supports youth, their projects and programs has created "Assemble After School," a  STEAM project (science, technology, engineering, art and math) for students in grades 4-8. They meet from 4 to 6:30 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday for hands on experience with experts in robotics, 3-D printing and more. One recent tech/teach was David Edwards, whose Power Flower was the inspiration for GA/GI Fest's original branding campaign. Sign up here.

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