Wednesday, April 29, 2015

GA/GI Updates from our Fashion Editor, The PGC ROcks with Mindblowing Glass and a "Keene" Mind

Janine Bonilla, GA/GI Fashion Editor is flying these days! She's putting the last touches on REINVENTION (5472 Penn) our signature annual fashion show at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, Friday, May 1 at 8 pm featuring some of Pittsburgh hottest designers and artists. For this GA/GI segment Bonilla has pulled no punches on the looks and lengths she's gone through to get eco fashion showcased. She's even GA/GI rebooted a few designers from Richard Parsakian's recent Eco Fashion show-- looks designed expressly for one showing--that will have a second chance for ooohs and ahhhs at GA/GI! Participating designers in our 2015 extravaganza include: Hemp Authority--promoting sustainable living through eco-friendly clothing and accessories, Pheonix boutique--who says "fashion is immortal" creating re-purposed fashion; renowned Pittsburgh fashionista and designer, Elaine Healy; a gold standard, fall-ward look from Rae Gold; The Paper Lady-- Kay Dement--whose looks put print on another level; high-end gear that turns heads will come from [DIG] Clothing; and "The Warped Weaver" LaVerne Kemp, does spring fashion like its never been done! Giving the show its unique sound and lighting is DJ, Bill Yadesky from Firebyte Audio. Since 1997 this father/son entertainment team has been providing excellent services for every event from simple affairs, to weddings to grand spectacles with state of the art equipment. Also at the Pittsburgh Glass Center: From 6-8: Glass blowing experts employ their craft in the PGC Hot Shop; check out ABC@PGC a multi media exhibition in the Hodge Gallery where you can arrange and rearrange letters to suit your style. The interactive exhibit is by Seattle artists, Jen Elek and Jeremy Bert. Plus "Story Arts Explosion'-- a 3 hour story project produced by Adam Keene combines the talents of Tracksploitation, expression in the form of music, rapping and raw storytelling and interviews with the GA/GI crowd. 
Firebyte Entertainment

Adam Keene of Speak Life Storytellers

Art Exhibition ABC at PGC

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